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Shanxi HuaSheng "pursue quality abide by integrity" seminar held in Beijing

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10th September, 2012, “pursue quality, abide credit--To promote the healthy development of seminar of tomato paste”, which is held by China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association and China Times, undertaken by Shanxi Huasheng, was held in Beijing successfully.

 Jianping Wei, the general manager and chief engineer, made a speech on the meeting. He pointed that enterprise is the main body of the market, the product quality. Only when the enterprises participate actively, the product quality can be truly guaranteed. After the establishment, Huasheng Company always puts the quality and safety of food in the first place and keeps the principle of “quality first and user first”, focuses on every details of producing and management, tries to be the keeper of high quality tomato paste. The company issued a self-discipline initiative to the tomato paste industry, calling on the concentration of tomato product quality from the society, in order that consumers can have safe tomato paste and build up an ordered and healthy market order. The company takes the responsibility about consumers to take supervision of fellow enterprises, consumers and the whole society. The company promises to produce high quality tomato paste, and hopes to make contribution to the whole industry through its own effort and appeal.

On the meeting, governors, experts and media put forward valuable suggestions to how our company can continue to develop healthily, which is a big encouragement and support. We will make ourselves an example, Abide by the occupation of integrity and code of ethics, make the conscience of products, rest assured products and to be the keeper of high quality tomato paste. And also make a good atmosphere of government focuses the quality, enterprise pursues the quality, society advocates the quality and be responsible to consumers, society and country.

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