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Camels rise a "red"

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  The largest in north China fruit and vegetable products processing enterprise; ChanChang fruit and vegetable processing capacity of the first national; For the first time with tomato sauce into shanxi foster planting success; The first tomato sauce manufacturing enterprises in Shanxi Province; The first province fruit and vegetable products export enterprise...... Paging through the material, reporter for the covers an area of 180 mu, total assets of 218 million yuan of private enterprises have "title" and was amazing.

   October 26, afternoon, late autumn camels was kind of cool idea. Our newspaper "go to the basic unit, turn style, the style SanJin enterprise to do" datong interview came into the team in the national key agriculture industrialization enterprise shanxi China rose fruit and vegetable beverage company limited.

   "You again days earlier to, and they can see the scene was spectacular scenes. Late July to October a was we focus on the day of the fruits and vegetables acquisitions, from here to the door all line up of the farmers, a row is-well, six hours!" A pair of glasses, a smiling face, the chairman of the board of the young sedate WeiJianPing stood in the workshop to meet us at the door, "want to know about the transformation of agriculture product processing enterprise how to turn, the structure is the way to go? That the workshop, look!"

    As WeiJianPing came to the second floor, view is a filled up with red small bottles of product exhibition booth, here on HuaSheng leading products of ketchup. WeiJianPing pick up one of them can introduce up, "the packaging is in the Middle East prepare for the export products, sold to europeans, South Asia, Australia and so on the different parts of the product packaging, are not the same!" Finished product packaging, through the glass walls look down, and the first floor of the huge processing workshops, production workers only a few, and the reporter previous perceptual knowledge are completely different. HuaSheng deputy chief WuXiong bright and clear smiled to get up, "let's equipment automation degree is too high, don't need special guard!"

   Visit the production line and production equipment, we came to the meeting room to watch the trailer for the company. At this time, WeiJianPing not sorry to say that, "in fact ah, should be in the tomato mature season to take you to our plant base see, it is the first farmers workshop!"

   HuaSheng has been using the "company + base + farmer" model of development, and farmers signed an agreement, a standardization sown. At present, the HuaSheng planting base has covered the NaJiaoOu datong, XinRongOu, muddy source, wide spirit, day town, jiangsu Inner Mongolia, the kernel, the north slope was mined here, a total area of 50000 mu, involving farmers more than 50000 households.

   "Farmers are ourfriends, our brother", speaking of farmers, WeiJianPing smile on face, "we must first consider the interests of farmers!" In addition to implement planting subsidies, the minimum price system for buying, cash settlement and so on a series of its policy outside, HuaSheng also in planting base on a subdivision management, each district is equipped with two base instructor, for farmers and base for planting guidance, pesticide application inspectors, pest control, etc. "In addition, with farmers for up to three years in the kind of the scheme, we found that the farmers in the tomato seedlings and planting process is relatively high cost, and established a special nursery room to price subsidies to farmers, get the planting seedling hair general recognition of the farmers with us. The contract reflect farmers say, now than before a tomato corn much stronger, average income 800 yuan per hectare land!"

   And the farmers and more and more happy cooperation, HuaSheng and the development of the plots in the next step. According to WeiJianPing revealed: "1025" period, the company will new three, fruit and vegetable processing 3000 tons of fruit and vegetable sauce processing plants, fruit and vegetable processing, the original sauce production capacity of 1800 tons by now upgrade to 10000 tons. At the same time, the comprehensive extending the industrial chain, construction lycopene, tomato fiber, tomato seed essence oil, almond essence oil of high-grade product production line, will extract the rest of the skin slag used for the manufacture of feed raw materials, building a the annual output of 200000 tons of fruit and vegetable slag high-grade feed into production line, really will eat fruit and vegetable raw materials do bleed.

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