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The chairman WeiJianPing with staff to new and old customers happy holiday!

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   Together we experience a filled with joy and harvest in 2011, and in 2012 years together. In such a national celebration of the day, wish all the new and old friends in the New Year, healthy body, the work is smooth, a happy family!

   In the past year, is a year of hard work, is to fight hard for a year, the company is proud of the year. The staff, along the direction of the development of the company, conscientious, strive hard, love and respect, toward a common goal ahead together, and made great achievements. True such as iron long north-west, and now the "from taking, we will, as always, the confidence to multiply, passion." day line, the gentleman strives constantly forself-improvement ", is facing a very arduous task, in the face of the fierce market competition, we will surely enhance suffering consciousness, free from danger, and hard work, courage to face challenges, and be good at seize the opportunity, further emancipate the mind, seeking truth from facts and keeping pace with The Times, they work together to create a new situation! I wish of the spring is: let our HuaSheng like a dragon boom, let our career as a colorful flowers, may our company as a strong rock solid, wish our employees like brothers and sisters unite, and let our friends like humans as forever, let our life as a sweet like honey. Together, let us wish for: shanxi HuaSheng a better future!
         Finally, once again, I wish you all a happy Spring Festival.

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