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JianPing Wei general manager on behalf of the provincial election

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Good news! Jianping Wei, the general manager, was selected to be the National People’s Congress of Shanxi Provice in the Fourteenth Session of Datong People’s Congress Second Conference at 28th November.

 The provincial legislature is selected for every five year. Jianping Wei was widely concerned in the selection and got unanimous vote.

 This excellent result indicates that Huasheng Company is growing stronger in the lead of Jianping Wei, the general manager, becoming a major food processing enterprise in Shanxi Province and key national agriculture industrialization enterprise. The company focuses on the product quality, checks strictly according to the quality and food safety management system standard and tries to be the keeper of high quality tomato paste.

 The company gets the qualification of release through enterprise from Tianjin to Shanxi provided by Shanxi entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Also the company is identified to be the AA enterprise of Credit management of entry inspection and quarantine by National Bureau of Quality Inspection, which is the highest rank of Import and export enterprise credit. The company can get many benefit from it such as Export exemption and release through. All these achievement are approved by the society. The election of Jianping Wei is also the pride of Huasheng Company and all the stuff.

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