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The vice governor of Shanxi province Zhang Jianxin makes an inspection visit to our company

Number of visits: Date:2013年11月13日 08:55

In the afternoon of November 12th, the vice governor of Shanxi province Zhang Jianxin accompanied by the Datong municipal Party committee secretary Feng Lixiang, mayor Li Junming and other personnel came to Shanxi Huasheng Fruit and Vegetable Drinks limited company to carry on an inspection and investigation.

Accompanied by our general manager, chief engineer Wei Jianping, Zhang Jianxin inspected the finishing department, concentrating workshop and Inspection center. Wherever he went, Zhang Jianxin checked the production status, while patiently learned the cost, category, marketing channels and marketing area of tomato paste and tomato juice. When he learned that our branded product “Saibei Red” sells well in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America,etc. total more than 20 countries and regions. He turned up his thumbs to express his appreciation.

Then general manager Wei Jianping introduced how to control the quality from the source. "To ensure the quality of products, we pay more attention to the source, take the planting base as the first workshop, adopt many Measures to make a strict management. Company executes the order agriculture, farmers sold tomato raw materials in accordance with theprotection of the contract price, payment settled immediately on the spot, to ensure the farmers economic interests, form a stable growers group, and ensure the stability and reliability of the tomato raw material source; promote the standardization of cultivation, large-scale planting, carry out the technology tracking and field management in the whole planting process, ensure raw tomatoes is pollution-free standards, meet the food quality and safety requirements.”

Zhang Jianxin stressed: "the food safety work is an arduous and long way to go, the food manufacturers must be honesty and self-discipline, run the business within the law, standardized production, ensure food safety".

Now Huasheng is already the excellent model in food industry in our province, still need to keep up the good work. Let good quality tomato products enter average households, to create a food-safe environment, supporting for the economic restructuring transformation and further development, and promoting social harmony and stability of our province.






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