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Our company have a big harvest in Anuga, Germany

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Our company have took part in Anuga Fair,the world food exhibtion in Germany from Oct 5th to 9th ,2013.Orders are significantly higher than in previous years,The products come continuously into the European large supermarkets, convenience stores and retail stores, geting the favour of many food suppliers. It fully shows that our brand “SAIBEI-RED” market is not only underlying but also influential and will be more popular in European market.

Anuga Fair in Germany is one of inportant exhibition project held by Cologne International Exhibition Company, also is the world's largest food and beverage trade show. There are some advantages such strong attraction,high degree of internationalization,high innovative and informative that for every annual,they can attract a lot of professional businessmen and food and beverage manufacturers from all over the world. It is a place where customer contact with each other and make orders in the food industry.the produce in fair have showed the highest quality in accordance with international standard.

Anuga in 2013 is not only a big event for the company’s leader to get together,but also a best platform so that they can build and consolidate their business relationship in the food industry.

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