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Ketchup boom industry duopoly competing to build up a complete industrial chain

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 Because of expected tomato planting area reduction in xinjiang, the industry this year is expected to export average ketchup will of last year's $780 / ton climbed to $900 / tons. The price will rise significantly ketchup help domestic tomato products listed companies' profit of continuous improvement and performance of the rapid ascension.

  The same is located in xinjiang in two of the leading grain toutunhe tomatoes products (600737), the new base of(000972 ), which is ketchup industry duopoly, two enterprises occupy the domestic tomato industry more than 90% of the market share. Export boom of ascension in tomato sauce also, the two companies are in the positive development of domestic market, and to perfect the tomato industry chain.

  Industry boom ascension

  Domestic tomatoes planting and processing mainly concentrated in xinjiang region, mainly to export market. Since 2005, our country has jumped to the world's first big ketchup exporter, every year about 800000 tons ketchup exports, accounting for 40% of the global market share.

  In the grain toutunhe new and as tomato industry duopoly, with tomatoes and processing, and of tomato products manufacturing sales as its main business, in annual grain toutunhe ShaoShengYiChou in tomato sauce, tomato sauce in exports in two company also has been is the most direct competition partner.

  In 2010, because ketchup export prices slump, the two companies are performance loss, in grain toutunhe 2010 annual net profit loss 57.32 million yuan, also lost in the new yankees 350 million yuan. First quarter of this year, in grain toutunhe net profit loss 106 million yuan, 54.7463 million yuan in the new yankees losses.

  However, theindustrial securities ZhaoQin pointed out that, based on the global price continue to rise in China and in the optimism of ketchup judgement, in 2011 the performance of listed companies in the industry will continue to improve.

  Because the 2010 international ketchup prices sharply, the domestic tomatoes sharply reduce the planting area, and this year the planting area to reduce the trend has not been improved obviously, the production to reduce this will lead to higher prices. Tomato sauce-the world of industrial authority processing tomato council (WPTC) recently to predict, 2011 global processing with tomato yield and demand for 38.24 million tons and respectively 40.17 million tons, the output gap to 1.93 million tons. WPTC, said 2009 years of high inventory will be fully digest in 2011, the output gap and go to the inventory will promote international ketchup prices continue to rise.

  In this context, this year ketchup export prices rising trend has been established, the industry thinks that by 2011-7 September after 2011/2012 would start of production, will yield data has a clear) will present trend accelerated, expected in 2011, in 2012 the industry export average about $900 / ton, us $1100 / mt.

  "Dark war" upgrade

  In addition to export market in the breath-taking besides, two ketchup leading enterprise also made "war" spread to the domestic market.

  Relying on the powerful background, cofco brand and channel, in grain toutunhe in early 2010 will have a big push in the domestic market, featured the end-user tomato products and other related fruit and vegetable products.

  In fact, in the foreign market has become increasingly saturated background, cultivate and develop domestic market for tomato products companies do have very important strategic significance.

  In the new, of course, also unwilling fall behind, through the capital increase cooperation way, grain and oil giant yihai kerry has participated in the new, and small package of VAT ketchup all assets field, and stationed management team participate fully in its production of the company management, sales and management. As the world 500 strong enterprises FengYi Singapore international Co., LTD. Invested in China with the grain and oil processing is the enterprise group, the yihai kerry principles of its "golden dragon fish" small packaging cooking oil once accounted for half of the domestic market share status.

  The industry thought, in with the new the yihai kerry principles of cooperation, on the one hand, can use the yihai kerry principles of brand and channels open small packing ketchup market and domestic market, and also can get the financial support.

  The yihai kerry principles and cofco in grain and oil field is also the important competition. Analytic personage says, in grain and the yihai kerry principles into two giant ketchup respectively, both cooking oil, rice is in the continuation of market competition, it reflects the capital for the prospects of the ketchup industry is good. The foreseeable future two giant will be in the standardization of raw material market, capital support, unity marketing, common channel, and integrate the m&a, and other aspects of competition, speed up domestic tomato products market development.

  At the same time, the grain toutunhe and in all the new yankees vigorously promote restructuring. For new base in character, have analysts say, its and the yihai kerry principles of cooperation will not stop in this, and do not rule out future both increase cooperation efforts, even the yihai kerry principles in the new base in May. If the yihai kerry principles can holding, will naturally put in to forge a new base from planting to brand of tomato products all the industry chain enterprise.

  Grain toutunhe on May 20, also announced the 2.57 billion yuan of directed by plan, to increase the sugar industry layout and tomato industry chain extension, and eliminate the competition with food group. Through the directional shares, in grain toutunhe tomatoes Inner Mongolia will purchase grain products Co., ltd., high agricultural planting base construction, investment yearly produces 20 tons of tomatoes red SuYou resin project, add endowment grain toutunhe seed industry, etc, and also will in raw material upstream and downstream to the development of the brand again on the next city, make full tomato products industrial chain. (reporter WangJin)

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